28 July 2007


some of you may have noticed among my links Booksquare, the premise behind which is"Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism." something i really enjoy and, as a lit geek, i find vastly interesting ... in a recent post they discuss andrew keen and his book, The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture and Assaulting Our Economy or The Cult of the Amateur: How the Democratization of the Digital World is Assaulting Our Economy, Our Culture, and Our Values (depending on the citation or the country in which it was released). Booksquare's take on his book is yet another reason i really enjoy their site... um, pretentious title aside... is our culture dead? how is the internet responsible for the entirety of economics - rather than say, a decent domestic affairs policy (reaganomics didn't work the first time people!)? and why is it that he feels qualified to discount a huge portion of society and its creative expression by naming them amateurs... i have not read the book(nor will i as stupidity generally makes me want to tear my hair out, and i don't look good bald), and while i will admit the internet has content that i find useless, i do not blame it for the demise of a culture (not convinced that the culture is dead)... the arrogance and elitism inherent here really make me a bit crazy... do they give egos their own time zones? it may be needed here...

06 July 2007

laramie, finally... kinda

so i am back in laramie now... and very pleased to be here... mark and i have a place in riverton and flock hall 2.0 to is starting to come together, though we do have kitchen paraphernalia scattered throughout the living room still... i am settling in quite nicely... until tomorrow, when it is back to elko to sell our car and grab the last of our stuff... then next week a visit home to the family... then back to laramie for laundry... then off to arizona to visit mandyland =) ... all of this i am really excited about, but it will be nice to be able to settle in for a stay that is longer than a week at a time... maybe unpack the rest of my boxes... but the brunt of the moving is over and i must say that it is a relief and i hope that we can stay put for a bit, cause i really hate moving... travel is great, but moving sucks... it's nice to be home