29 October 2006

DC/Virgina Highlights

so (finally) here are the highlights of my trip - the real highlight was seeing gina and watching christina discover the treasures of knowledge offered and making new friends ... but these are the more tangible highlights...

i really enjoyed the monuments and memorials - Jefferson and FDR were my favorites, both were amazing men - ahead of their times

the arrival of the Iraqi PM interrupted our tour of the monuments - there was all this build-up, ten minutes of waitingfor the helicopter, then it took about ten seconds for the eit and disappearance of the motorcade

the paddleboats were definitely one of my favorites

best paddleboating quote - gina: what is that weird thing on the side of that plane... oh, it's the wing

Mt. Vernon was facinating - the laundry room made me very thankful for the advances in technology =)

we also saw the hope diamond, but after looking at all the uncut gems in the geology display it was a bit of a let down... one thing i learned - there is no way to see it all - but we crammed quite a bit into our visit...


  1. aw the sisters are so cute together!

  2. Sisters are like related and stuff, ... I knew a sister once