28 January 2007

a musical love

i have recently discovered a new artist, one with whom i have fallen completely in love... madeleine peyroux can provide the soundtrack for my life indefinitely... her voice and a cup of oolong and my afternoon is perfect... i don't even need a book, and that is saying quite a bit if you know me... it is a musical love


  1. Of the few songs I've heard so far, I think that I might share that love. She's pretty good stuff.

  2. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (ok not that you needed to be told it's your birthday, but ya know) Hope you have a great day and all that good stuff!! Loves!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Have you heard the version of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea she performed with Toots Thielemans?