17 May 2007

advice to those who live with book lovers...

It is our belief that bookworms are born, not made. You know who we mean. The kid who sneaks in a paragraph when Mom’s back is turned. The child who devises an elaborate under-the-covers flashlight system because when it comes to sleep versus finishing a chapter, well, sleep isn’t all that important. The one who, despite her parents’ vehement arguments to the contrary, believes that reading outside is playing.

True bookworms are rare. If you are unfortunate enough to live with one, we’re sorry. All we can do is assure you that there’s nothing that can be done. There is no twelve-step program to cure reading addiction. You can try to take away the books. It’s a waste of your time and energy, but we won’t stop your fruitless endeavor. You’ll learn. Those stacks of books are a book lover’s security blanket. They are important. (Booksquare)

so you see there is really no advice to be had, just acceptance... love us for who we are =)


  1. Hey. I built you a little reading nook for a reason. I get my HDTV, you get to read undisturbed. OK, so maybe not completely undisturbed, but I only bother you during the commercials.

  2. so maybe i should have said accomadation instead of acceptance... =)

  3. hey i remember building the elaborate flashlight systems when I was a kid (i also remember one collapsing and hitting me on the head!) there was nothing more important - and still isnt- than finishing the chapter/or the book if its really good!