23 August 2007

read much?

so i got my books for my classes, those that are available, and while i am still excited to start grad school i am having a bit of an oh-my-good-goddess moment... these are the books for one of my two classes, not counting the additional reading i will have to do for my research project that makes it so i get grad credit for the class...

Apologia Pro Vita Sua by Cardnial John Henry Newman
Autobiography Of John Stuart Mill
The Carlyle Reader

Culture & Anarchy by Matthew Arnold

Father & Son by Edmund Gosse

The Genius Of John Ruskin
Parallel Lives by Phyllis Rose

Past & Present by Thomas Carlyle

Victorian People & Ideas by Richard Altick

this is also not counting the reading i will need to do for my shakespeare/chaucer class, because the teacher(s) have not ordered any books from the bookstore...

still excited, but wow, that is a lot of reading... most of it i will enjoy, but still, wow...

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