15 September 2007

Five Questions...

1. What is your favorite recipe to make?
biscuits or bread, doughy baked goods, really anything that i get to kneed - there is something so primal and connective in really digging into the creation your food like that...

2. Excellent post on Kitchen Witchery by you. What would you say to someone interested in following a such a path?
research... meditate... know yourself... know your world... know the history of the path... don't be fluffy... blessed be...

3. You are given a year to perfect your skills and knowledge in one cuisine that you are not fluent in, of your choice. Which would you pick, and why?
that is tough, i have so much to learn and there are so many places that cook beautifully, which i am only minimally familiar with - France, Eastern Europe, Iran, Brazil, the many provinces of China... but i think i would go with Thai - it is so completely fabulous and i love the balance of it - spicy/sweet/savory/sour - the delicacy and skill involved in balancing flavors like that is amazing...

4. Define "assmuppet."
that is one of those terms which actual definition is very contextual - it is a term used to refer to an individual who has someone else's hand controlling them, via their anus; however it can be used to refer to someone who is controlled in that manner by an institution, ideal, or other general stupidity, as well... i could put a name here, but you all know who he is anyway...

5. A biscuit traveling at 9.8 meters / second flies off the cookie sheet 2 feet away from the oven door, and 4 feet away from the kitchen table. It lands on page 734 of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, smearing butter into the pages. What velocity has it hit the book, and more importantly what bribery will it take for you to ship some biscuits across country?
as the Norton was on the counter, that is impossible to calculate with the given information, however, i would guess that it has hit with a velocity of "oh s**t..." unless the Norton was open to
Aphra Behn, in which case the velocity was "thank the goddess"... as to bribery, i am so above that =) ... besides, biscuits are better fresh anyway... when are you coming to laramie?

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  1. Well, since everybody seems to be doing it, I'd better as well. BAAAA

    Question me! :)