16 October 2007

so i had to share...

some of you have already seen this i am sure, but it came up again recently in a paper i am writing on conduct books from the middle ages because the similarity really struck me...

from 1406... "She will be overjoyed to see him, and when she is with him she will try hard to say everything that ought to please him, and she will keep a happy expression on her face."

from 1953...
(click to see all of the detail)

eerily similar, no? one might think no progress had been made at all...


  1. Did you check with Mark before you made this post?

  2. [drill sergeant]Son, you have a wealth of conceptual potential, unfortunately a slight case of social RE-tar-dation has prevented the execution of that joke. Now drop and give me 20[/drill sergeant]

  3. No. She did not check with me before she posted this.

    And Tessa, you are allowed to kill me if I ever expect you to be this type of wife.

    In fact, I personally think that type of wife would be highly annoying. And not very interesting at all.

  4. I want that kind of wife. Several, in fact. With the apron and everything, wearing pumps and pearls to vacuum the living room, just like Donna Reed.

    Of course, she also needs to have the flexibility of a Chinese acrobat and the sexual tastes of Thai fetish hooker with a penchant for nun costumes... yep, I want to marry a girl just like mom.

  5. They forgot to add, "let your husband beat you with his belt if all of the above is not followed to the letter. It's his right after all, as master of the house."