24 November 2007

politics and literature...

in a publicity-hounding world it is really not that much of a stretch to combine book tours with campaigns, and what a prolific bunch of candidates we have... if you are unfamiliar with the literary politicos, Salon has reviewed the candidates' books
here... some i have seen some i had not heard of... will this supposedly candid look at their lives and their views (the books are all "non-fiction") give you a better insight during the 2008 election, or does it just drive home the lack of good options? by the way, Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You) was not reviewed... =(


  1. I'm not sure I'm dedicated enough to read candidates boots... especially if they are released around election time...

    Too bad about Colbert's book, probably the most popular of the bunch. Defiantly the only one I'm willing to read...

  2. I'm currently reading Colbert's book. It's not safe to drink while doing such.

    I've made a mental note for your x-mas gift. ;)