20 August 2009

Misc. Minutiae

An update...
  • Classes start at GWU on 1 Sept.
  • I interviewed at the GWU Writing Center for a tutor position... I should know by next Thursday if I will be working there.
  • Still not all the way unpacked... have I mentioned how much I hate moving chaos?
  • Working on an article on JD Robb.
  • Thinking about article(s) that might arise from my thesis.
  • Speaking of my thesis - it is defended, approved, and submitted... now just waiting on the format check and I will post a link.
  • Public transportation is not fun when motion sickness precludes reading and abnormally small ears preclude comfortable headphones.
  • I am struggling with how to describe myself professionally - my interests and writing spans a wide range of time periods and genres, tenuously held together by some relation to food and/or the domestic arts.
  • My sisters finally have job prospects... after a long and stressful summer of searching. No guarantees yet, though.
  • For your viewing pleasure, I have updated my various avatar pictures, behold:

Nota Bene: I like lists - especially lists with bullets. That is all.

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