21 January 2010

If I were a fruit...

...I would be a blood orange.

I know I have said it before, though maybe not here in this public forum, but it remains true - I would be a blood orange. I love January - not for my birthday, though I do like presents; not for the various winter sports, though I am a fan of the warm beverages that follow them; not for the return to school, though I am usually ready for the mental re-stimulation the beginning of a new semester brings. I love January because it is citrus season, and that means blood oranges. Sweet, tangy, rich, lovely blood oranges.

Like so may things I love they are a mutant. Their beauty comes from abnormality - a pigment not found in other citrus.

A deep staining red.



Beauty on the tongue.



  1. Glad you found some blood oranges. That was my breakfast, yesterday. So tasty.

  2. Yummy, tastey, goodness! And you take great pictures too!

    Have you seen/tried the True Blood soda? It's expensive as a marketing gimmick for the show, but it is blood orange flavored. I want to try it just for that.

  3. I have had Blood Orange soda - but not the True Blood kind. To be honest, I didn't even know about it. I haven't watched the show or read the books, so I don't notice tie-ins as much as if I were more aware of it. But I will try anything that is Blood Orange, so I will keep my eye open now.

  4. Sadly, there has been a shortage of blood orange soda in the state of Wyoming lately. Stores in both Casper and Laramie have been out of stock for the last 2-3 weeks. I am not a happy person at the moment.