19 October 2011

List: Korean food I've tried so far...

So, first two apologies... I'm sorry, but I was too busy eating and listening to the Korean speakers around me to take pictures. And also, while I'm sure I'm not the world's worst speller, neither am I the best, or even really good at spelling, so some of these may be a bit off...

  • Kimchi - I haven't tried cucumber kimchi yet, but I think I've tasted most of the other kinds
  • Mandu (and manduguk) - dumplings
  • Toeji galbi - grilled pork ribs
  • Toast (which unlike American toast, is actually an egg sandwich with various other things on it, depending on the kind of toast i.e. ham and cheese toast is egg, ham, and cheese)
  • Toenjang jigae - bean paste soup/stew
  • Kimchi jigae - kimchi soup/stew
  • Seafood pancakes
  • Bibimbap - deliciousness! rice, veggies, chili paste, and an egg (sometimes meat, too)
  • Gimbap - a rice roll similar to sushi hand rolls, but I like it better - this is what I usually have on my supper break
  • Chuseok rice cakes
  • Many banchan (side dishes) for which I don't have names
  • Snacks - the snacks (junk food) here is somewhat different... things I expect to be sweet are sometimes salty, and even when they aren't, they are rarely as sweet as I am used to... and things I think will be salty are almost always sweeter than I expect.
  • Soju (technically a drink, not a food) 

That is all I am remembering, obviously I will post more about food - and I will try to remember to take pictures!

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