13 September 2004


music is a funny thing. just the notes, really just a mathematical progression, can evoke such strong emotion that years later a similar progression evokes the identical emotion, magnified by the lenses of time and a poignant distance. what makes the mixture of both poetry and harmony so evocative? what is it about the brain that reacts to the patterns with such intense emotion?
everyone has that one song that they know will take them back, but really, the most interesting phenomenon is the song that you don't realize has associations for you. until you hear it. it removes you forcibly from your surroundings, whatever task you may be performing and inserts you into a pattern that you thought you had forgotten. a place and time that you once inhabited.
the reflections caused by this phenomenon are both sweet and a little bit sad. i can't go back, i don't want to, yet the memories are good and i do miss the people and places. though it has not left, just evolved, there was a particular type of joy that accompanies the memories that is particularly difficult to react to.

a joy remembered
the sound of the laughter
the curve of the smile
the tilt of the head
back for a while
when did we drift
what path did you take
it led you so far
and made such a break
words from a song
a snatch of a tune
i am right back
with you and the moon
a joy remembered
a song in my heart
my path diverges
but we're never apart

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