04 September 2004

Prayer for Peace

Mother in Wartime

As if it were some noble thing,
She spoke of sons at war,
As if freedom's cause
Were pled anew at some heroic bar,
As if the weapons used today
Killed with great élan,
As if technicolor banners flew
To honor modern man -

Beleiving everything she read
In the daily news,
(No in-between to choose)
She only thought that only
One side won,
Not that both
Might lose.
~ Langston Hughes

Langston hughs seemed a good way to inaugerate a new blog at the beginning of a new semmester. maybe because that semester happens to include a class devoted solely to the Harlem Renaissance, or maybe just because i like Langson Hughes. what ever the motive there you have it. i am a blogger.


  1. excellent. I haven't seen the literature from the Harlem Renaisance, just a little of the artwork.

  2. hi... i'm mark
    you tessa...

  3. I refuse to be cheetah.

    Tessa, you're not quite done with that contest!

  4. Hey pretty girl...I am a bit slow and just realized you had a blog. I am going to come play in your poetry more often.

    And we will rock Laramie with our knowledge of the Harlem Renaissance this semester.