05 May 2005

a poem...

That Bed
my mother's bed was my center
a haven from nightmares,
a stage, a chapel, a palace,
a figate bringing me to imagined shores
with sails of cotton
and decks of down

it was my liberation
a platform for debate
battleground, confessional, and penance
a reluctant deliverance
from past ideals
and liquid dreams

that bed was a jumbled storage space
a table for an artist in confinement
knitting, beading, sewing
a cluttered hope
that energy is stronger
than cancer's weight

that bed was a singularity
streching time, pulling us in
a prision, a clinic, a hateful reminder
of an icon fading gracefully
a desperate prayer
through pain to peace
my mother died in that bed


  1. Without even reading it i can already see that it's way better then my poetry will ever be....11


  2. The transition from childhood memories to present day realities is brilliant.

    Keep writing....

  3. Hey little flower....
    A victory of good over evil...
    meaning, I love the line,

    "that energy is stronger
    than cancer's weight..."

    Thank you so much for your call today.
    We'll get together when you get back.


    ~ kim

  4. yeah, the hopeless romantic is moved

  5. When you read this in the RRC a while ago, I got goose bumps. This is really good, yo.