04 October 2005

dream in color...

Everything is blue - all shades of blue, the light, the shadows, the street I am walking on, the cars that drive by me, the people I pass. I am walking in the city, close to the park, a truck speeds silently past, navy blue, like a Yankees hat. I cross a street, the cars swerve around me, not making a sound. I start to walk faster, weaving through the people, there are more now. I don’t know any of them. What am I doing here? I continue down the street. The people are getting in my way now. I have to push past them. The summer sun beats down, blue. The little girl in front of me has a baby blue dress on, her mother is pulling on her hand, trying to get her baby blue shoes to walk faster. I see their mouths move, talking to each other, but there is no sound, no noise, as silent as if I were by myself. Then I begin to walk through people, I feel their boundaries as they slide into me, pushing through, them through me, me through them. I start to dissolve, fading into the sidewalk. I am the side walk. I feel their feet pushing into me. I push back. Never far enough, just enough to hold them up, not enough to push me out, of myself, of blue.

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