01 February 2007

a little bit nervous

it is official... i have applied to grad school... i sent my stuff... on time... now i have to wait... and i am a little bit nervous... the way the pope is a little bit catholic... the way iraq is a little bit muslim... the way republicans are a little bit greedy... the way democrats are a little bit idealistic... the thing is there are a few bits of my application materials which give me cause to be a little bit nervous... my grades were somewhat less than stellar in some cases, leaving me with a less than ideal gpa... also i have no idea what was said in my letters of rec... i didn't even know that one of them was done until the english department contacted me to tell me what i still needed to turn in... and i won't know until april... i hate waiting... i hate rejection... and i am a little bit nervous... but i sent the application anyway...


  1. Like I said, if they don't accept you I'm going in there and bustin' some shins with a baseball bat. And I'll recruit Linus to knock their building over.

  2. No need to worry about knocking buildings over... my IRA boys will blast them down!

  3. Great. Looks like we got a zombie raiding party ready.

    I'm all warm and fuzzy.

    On the inside, of course.