01 March 2007

so, february

in january, i was really excited, doing well with the blog, posting at least once a week almost thought it was time to talk to linus and see about moving up to the category of "The Redeemed, Who Post Often"... and then it was february...

this february hit me hard with homesickness, uncertainty of the future, testing (stupid GRE), and general blahness... so i burrowed - into books, naps, and general away-ness from everything that was not completely unavoidable... not an uncommon reaction to february, for me at least... i really hate february and i am glad to say that it is almost over...

my february has ended on a nice note, however... i am now employed at a second job here in elko - the bookstore... the people are friendly and the scheduling is flexible and can we say "yay for employee discounts!"... so while february has inflicted its regular damage on the surface of my soul, i have managed to survive and triumph over the blighted month once more...

looking forward to march...


  1. If March brings a Mark and Tessa cameo to Laramie - I shall also look forward to March.

    Take care Tess. Say "hi" to the furry beast you call your man.

  2. Yay! March is here! Happiness shall abound this month...I shall proclaim it so!

  3. Oohh! She's alive!

    I miss you!