15 March 2007

Grad School

I am going to grad school... while i am only on the alternate list for assistantships, i did get accepted... so i talked to jim and i will be working in the computer labs at least to start with... though i would love to get a benefited job... we'll see what happens... so this summer i will be moving again... bleh... oh well the end result is i am back in laramie and furthering my education, which will lead to exciting things like higher pay scale and more marketability... but mostly i am just excited to read and chat about lit again, and see my sisters on a regular basis... juggling mark's jobs in nevada and resulting living arrangements might be interesting, but it's what we planned to do if i had gone last fall, and this way we have had a chance to make it all a little more affordable, economically and emotionally... so it's back to school for me...


  1. Happy Dance, indeed. Except for the fact that I'll be in Elko still come this next Fall.

    But she will be my in state tuition voucher when I get back for Grad school myself.

    Go wife, GO!