08 June 2009

Check it out!

Ok, so I added a new sidebar feature of authors whom I read with regularity - it is an eclectic mix, weighing in heavily on the romance but also including food and natural history. I will continue to add to it as I find more websites and start sorting my library as I unpack.

These are all fantastic authors, some brilliant, some brilliantly funny, some both, some just fun. Right now I am especially liking Victoria Dahl, whose novella The Wicked West was a fabulous short break from thesis revisions this past week. She may have saved my sanity...


  1. Thank you so much! What an honor. I really appreciate being included!!!

  2. I am not kidding... saved my sanity!

  3. Wow - whenever I write about an "author" they just ignore me. Of course, I usually only write about conservative crazies, and not in a flattering way. It's that thing about the flies and the vinegar...