03 June 2009

Recommend, please...

Now that the thesis if mostly done (keep your fingers crossed for the defense), I am looking for summer reading suggestions. As most of you probably know, I have a voratious and insatiable narrative greed and summer break is the one time I can indulge it unchecked by most other resopnsiblities. And I read really quickly, so I go through books at an astonishing rate...

So, what I am looking for...

In the romance vein: Historical and straight contemporary, by which I mean not paranormal or romantic suspense, not the orientation of the protagonists - as I am a bit burned out on those subgenres... I have my must reads, but I have noticed recently that my scope is rather narrow and I am looking to expand. The voracious narrative greed means I tear through my favourites, even with re-reading. Also, I would not be adverse to expanding in the BDSM direction, as I have heard good things in that direction. But I need names...

In the fantasy vein: I am talking fantasy here, not sci fi. I am cool with magic, but the machines have to be pretty damn cool for me to read about them, as my relationship with the machines in my life is rather love/hate - I think this is also because, as a rule, I read for character over plot and fantasy does that better than sci fi. Anyway...

In the foodie vein: Anything that is good - I read cookbooks like novels, and I love food memoir as well, so really, anything that is good. I am always looking for new ideas in the kitchen...

In the Classics vein: I am planning on revisiting my favorite Jane Austin titles, but over the course of my MA I realized just how much classic literature I had skimmed - or skipped altogether - as an undergrad. So, what are your favorites?

What else would you recommend? I would be happy to venture outside these paths, if the narrative pay-off is there...

A note on formats: I am down with ebooks, though I won't have a reader until the financial shock of moving across the country wears off. I am not so good with delayed gratification, but needs must. But I will get to them, so don't let format be a limiting factor.

Please share - a desperate reader needs to know!


  1. On the foodie front, I am reading Eric Ripert's - A Return to Cooking and Tom Colicchio's - 'Wichcraft

    Both are excellent books. Ripert's book is a mixture of personal narrative, thoughts on food, and recipes.
    Colicchio's book is more about the food. Recipes with short recommendations and comments and lots of pictures to drool over.

  2. As you know, I'm more about chick lit that romance, so my recommendations are in that vein. I just finished Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls, the sequel to Good in Bed (which I also liked). Pamela Ribon's Why Girls are Weird makes me laugh out loud and is good, too.

  3. Read a book recently that I'm sure you'll enjoy..."The Glassblower of Murano". I liked the sub-story best but overall it's a good strong story.

    I've been reading mostly Vampire novels, actual vampire stories not paranormal romances, lately. I highly recommend "Let Me In."

    Also, in the light hearted paranormal, though not really romance, is Amber Benson's "Death's Daughter."

  4. Ok - this is SciFi, but SO good. Ursula K LeGuinn's "Left Hand of Darkness" is among the best the genre has to offer, and I think you'd like it.

  5. Thanks to you all for the recommendations, they have all been duly noted for pursuing post-thesis.