20 December 2009

Notes from a snowpocalypse...

So, when I heard about the winter storm warning I admit, I was a snow snob. I was skeptical. I secretly laughed at these people who didn't know what real snow is. The previous winter weather warnings this year had done nothing to change this opinion. I just raised my eyebrows at the cleaned out grocery stores.

Clearly, I was wrong.

D. played inside. Jack Russells do not like the snow. It was rather funny - he would be so excited to go out... and the we would open the door. He would sniff the snow and then look back over his shoulder at us, and sniff and look and sniff and look. Hilarity ensued. And then, after outdoor business had been taken care of, he would quickly do anything and everything to eradicate all traces of the snow.

So, this morning the view from our windows was worthy of a snow snob's expectations. Neighbor's car buried, window's obscured, snow mounded everywhere. It is beautiful. From inside.

The official report from Regan National Airport was 15 inches, breaking the previous record of 7 from 1945. Alexandria measured 19 inches. Our back yard has drifts well over two feet.

I guess they know how to do snow here, too.


  1. I miss having a good snow that I can actually enjoy. When I lived in the panhandle, about 3000 feet lower than here, things got shut down when we got a decent snow. Never has happened once in the mountains. When I move, I'm going someplace where they shut down for a day and where I can find a nice hill for sledding.

  2. Well, the bus service in Faifax Co. is shut down. We are walking to the grocery store to get food for company this week. I hope that they reopen by the time they get here tomorrow. =(

  3. Ahh :( We can hope. How long is your company staying?

  4. They (Grandma, Dad, and C.) will be here for 8 days... and we didn't have to walk, out neighbor lent us her car. Still don't know what the buses will be doing tomorrow, though.

  5. You have an opportunity here to demonstrate your amazing snow-sherpa skills to the stunned locals. You gotta make living in Wyoming all those years pay off somehow...

  6. Um, no... that sounds like work, and as you know, I am allergic to anything that even resembles work. Besides, then I would be putting the emergency workers out of business, and unemployment is high enough already.